'The interaction with people is the nicest part of my work'

Ferry van Zutphen about his job as team leader

As a young boy, Ferry van Zutphen already joined his father on the truck for several times. So it was no surprise, he built a career in logistics after he finished his studies. As a team leader at Van den Bosch, he makes sure the intermodal transport from and to Italy runs smoothly.

“Together with two colleagues, I take care of the transport of dry bulk containers from and to Italy. From plastics for the automotive industry to raw materials for animal feed. We transport containers to Italy by rail and local partners take them to their final destination. These partners then take care of the reloading of the containers, after which the containers leave Italy by rail again in the reverse direction.”

From A to B

“Intermodal transport is actually just transporting goods from A to B, however it comes with a lot of external factors. My day is successful when the containers arrive at the designated destination on time. Meanwhile, we try to make the process as efficient as possible, so we can work at the lowest possible costs. Playing this ‘game’ challenges me every single day.”

Contact with people

“The contact with colleagues, suppliers, customers and partners is the nicest part of my work. Sometimes I visit Italy myself. Some face-to-face brainstorming can be very useful for business relations. Our success highly depends on the cooperation with other parties. That can be difficult sometimes, but makes this work exiting as well.”


“I participate in the Teamleaders To The Next Level programme, in which I learn to improve myself as a manager and enable my team to grow. Our work is much more than just ‘keep things running’. Being able to be a good manager and making sure that everyone is satisfied about their job, is equally important.”

Great employer

“Van den Bosch is a great, accessible and flexible employer. It is also a modern and socially responsible company, as you can tell from the partnership with UNICEF. The company provides fresh fruit on a daily basis and customized fitness training is available nextdoor. Then there is a yearly jubilee night. I will be celebrating my 12.5 year anniversary this year and I’m already looking forward to it.”

Ferry van Zutphen

Ferry van Zutphen

Teamleader Division Dry Bulk

Employed since: 2005
Location: Erp

My day is successful when the containers arrive at the designated destination on time